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My Fanfic!
Stories I have written about the gorgeous couple!

No fanfic yet but it will be here soon!
Hope to have some here soon!

JetC Favorite Sites!
Beverley Welcomes You!
This is my Mum's internet Counselling Page. She is also a Voyager JetC'er too.

Star Trek Relationship Station
This has no fan fiction, only links to some of the best J/C sites as well as all other Star Trek Relationshipper's sites.

The Janeway Chakotay Story Index
This site lists fan fiction sites in order of titles of stories or by the author. Highly recommended because it's solely J/C.

JetC17 Archive
This site links stories by some of the best authors of J/C stories.

M.c Moose Voyager Stories
This site has some of the best stories I have read. I recommend this site and it's author.

Some very funny J/C stories from Suz, also some very good ones.

KJ's Fan Fiction
This site has very good stories from two great authors.

The Official Webpage of JetC
The first official JetC web site.

JetC.Net A jumping off point of all things JetC
An amazing site a must see.