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JetC pictures - Of the Fateful couple.

Warning many graphics. May load slowly. Please give it time - it's worth the wait.

I received these pics through files from friends and sites which allowed copying.

I acknowledge that none of these are mine, I'm only borrowing and I meant no offence. Please forgive.

It's everything we could ever wish for and more!

The Voyager - The reason they're apart?!

Or is it for the shake of the crew?!

"Two years ago I didn't even know your name ...

Now I couldn't imagine a day without you."

Aren't they the cutest!

Eyetag - caught ya!

Damn - not again!

Are they flirting? On the bridge? You betcha!

The massage which started the Angry Warrior story.

Is that really an ancient legend?

No but it made it easier to say!

You are not alone.

Sometimes you don't know when to step back - I know you Kathryn!

Then I guess I am alone!

Breath! Damn It! Breath!

Don't you die on me Kathryn!

Tied together even in death!

I've got a secret!

I wonder what it is?!

I love you Kathryn Janeway! (I only wish)!